The 13 Cycle

The 13 Cycle was created by Gabrielle DeRosa to inspire you:
every item has a message just for you.
Paperback/Kindle Books, Printable Planners, Digital Wallpapers
Inspirational stories in the form of: little books with images, novels, printable digital planners, collections of original songs, quotes, poems, stories, art and speeches by Gabrielle DeRosa

The 13 Cycle: Motivational Art

This is the first little book of The 13 Cycle, a book series created to inspire you where every story has a message just for you. 

In "The 13 Cycle: Motivational Art" Gabrielle De Rosa unites photos, drawings (Ileana Schiavone), songs (Gabrielle DeRosa) and words in a digital art book that will provide you easy and practical tips about self-improvement and self-help in almost every aspect of your life: from confidence to motivation, to self-love, trust, patience, attraction, love, forgiveness, success and more: every story and speech, song or art piece has a message you were meant to discover.

You are here for a reason. Open this book and travel with your imagination in the most beautiful journey of all: find yourself and live your life. You are who you believe you are.

The story of "The 13 Cycle": "I loved this number so much that my close friends associated me with it. I decided that one day I would have written a book series called "The 13 Cycle" with all the stories I can recall from my dreams. If you are reading this now, I did it, and whatever you believe in, you can do it too." (Gabrielle De Rosa, "The 13 Cycle: Motivational Art").

The 13 Cycle: Save Me

Diario di una principessa in sala d'attesa | Romanzo inedito in italiano, scritto all'età di 17 anni

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The 13 Cycle: Songs 
2 volumes

ENG: Two separate volumes with a collection of my songs and behind the scenes with exclusive content such as: original photographs, my first notes, first drafts and my artistic story from birth to 23 years old. English and Italian, with translations.

IT: Due volumi separati con una collezione delle mie canzoni e dei dietro le quinte con contenuti esclusivi come: foto originali, i primi appunti, le prime bozze e la mia storia artistica dalla nascita ai 23 anni. Inglese e italiano, con traduzioni.

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