My favorite photosensitive skin approved aesthetically pleasing SELF-CARE products on Amazon (IT, UK)

My favorite photosensitive skin approved aesthetically pleasing SELF-CARE products on Amazon (IT, UK)

My Experience  I really use these products on a daily basis, they are all natural, sensitive-skin approved, mostly eco-friendly, affordable for everyone and with the best quality for the price: I've been using that wooden comb for 3 years! Affordable with the best quality, beautiful and useful, mostly eco-friendly, these are my favorite self-care products and/or brands. I chose the best for me, and I want to share it with you. Please keep in mind that my reviews are based on my experience.

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My Pros and Cons
- Pros: These are my favorite self-care products and/or brands. I chose the best for me, and I want to share it with you.
- Cons: There are no cons except for the fact that if you if some of my suggested products are missing, you may find them at or viceversa.

The Brush It's perfect for baby hair, buns and ponytails, the sound is amazinf. It's not vegan but it's a good brand (as far as I know, they don't kill any animal just for creating brushes!) It lasted me 3+ years, I still use it, it's very gentle on the scalp and it comes with a very aesthetic case (medieval style) and a wide tooth wooden comb. It's not good to detangle tick hair, it's good to improve circulations, dinstribute natural oils from the scalp, massaging and relaxing, creating shiny waves/hairstyles, combing curls to create old hollywood like waves. The wooden comb is also good to clean the brush. The quality is AMAZING for a low price.

The Sonic Brush I couldn't find the exact brand, however it is gentle on the skin but it vibrates and cleans it deeply. Perfect to remove make-up and to do a scrub without buying a scrub! I use it every night, virbating or not, it's amazing to remove water-proof mascara without hurting your eyes: turn the vibration off for that and use the very gentle part, it does wonders without hurting your eyes nor your skin nor the environment (I have sensitive skin that gets red in seconds, the redness goes away without irritation).

The derma roller If you are like me and you tend to get scars, this tool is for you. I've been using it when I need it from time to time since 5 years ago. How it works: it stimulates the skin to heal scar tissue with micro needles (the skin renew itself) it's not painful, the skin may become very red after you use it but it's normal, however, you should always consult your dermatologist, especially if your problem is serious and it needs medication. It is perfect for small scars here and there. Just google some before and after and you will be impressed. I can assure you it really works that well.

Washing my teeth I also have sensitive teeth, I've been using that toothpaste since I was 5 years old, it never gets old, and it was suggested to my mother by a dentist. We all use it at home. The toothbrush is a new item I recently bought, I love the eco-friendly choice they made and I wanted to support it. It works well, sensitive teeth approved.

Sunscreens I have photosensitive skin and since I started to always wear sunscreen and use the right products in the right way I never get a bad dermitis reaction during the hot months of the year, nor in Spring. I said "right" products because if you use a body and face sunscreen on your face, it may turn oily and acne-prone: clogged pores, acne, pimples... and also photosensitive reactions if you have particularly sensitive skin (and no, you don't have to be the palest one in town to have it, it's not just about melanin when it comes to using products). You may prefer a physical (zinc makes them look white, you could also buy it and make it diy) or hybrid sunscreen (chemical block + physical block, no white layer) UVA, UVB... but ask your dermatologist if you want to be sure. My favorite sunscreens for the face (sensitive skin friendly) are the Prep 50+ stick (white layer, physical block), good for sensitive areas (lips, under the eyes...) and the Nivea 50+ for sensitive skin, no white layer. They have an opaque long lasting protection that is perfect for the face. Why that white layer is actually better? The protection is literally physical: as long as it's there, you are more protected, it's more waterproof too. When you use an invisible layer one (chemical, hybrid block) you have to reapply it frequently for it to protect your skin all the time.

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