@gdrbluewolf Art Challenge

This is a challenge, NOT a commission. No one is asking you to "work for free". You can also participate with an existing art work, but it has to be fascinating and related to my published work (as a singer-songwriter, photo-model and digital artist).
IF YOU ARE A BRAND entering this challenge for advertising purposes: the value of one of my posts is in this range: $100-$250. I have 13k+ followers and an above average E.R. (read more below).

--> Share a relevant art work* (existing or new, it only has to recall/represent/be inspired by Gabrielle DeRosa and/or her music) on Instagram with the hashtag #gdrbluewolfartchallenge and tag gdrbluewolf in the photo. There will be 1-10 winners every sunday.
--> The winners will have their drawings published with credits on my profile on sunday and on my online art gallery IF they want to, with a link to their profile/online shop to support artists. If your drawing won't be selected, it doesn't mean you're not a good artist! This is not an art contest! We just select what we genuinely like to share.

Gabrielle DeRosa
and The 13 Cycle Team

Gabrielle DeRosa, We Believe, Chiara Giancola Drawing by Chiara Giancola @akira_and_her_piggyjar) for gdrbluewolf Art Challenge on Instagram.

Chiara Giancola on Instagram: @akira_and_her_piggyjar

  • According to multiple articles online, an influencer with 10,000 followers could charge $100-$250 per post. An influencer with 100,000 followers could charge $1000-$2500 per post (source: https://bit.ly/3sQPIEj) . The standard rule is 1 cent/follower but, if the E.R. is higher than the average (1%-2%) the price could be higher (engagement rate= percentage of average likes and comments on the last 12 posts).
" We Believe in the same dream"

Gabrielle De Rosa